The Nature Wanderer

Forest Haiku

As I enter school 84 I look forward to my lesson in nature.  Not the lesson that I will be teaching as much as the lesson I will be learning from young Paul.  You see, Paul is the one that taught me that a snake feels like a basketball.  He taught me the subtle differences in the sounds of many common songbirds.  Paul is completely blind.  He experiences nature through his soul, rather than his sight.  He teaches me to experience my surroundings in the same way.  I believe that Paul sees nature more completely than many of us.

The splendor of nature is far beyond the visual impact that we first experience when we enter its realm.  Nature is filled with a beauty that stretches beyond what we capture in our photographs or embed in our memories.  Nature is art.  Like a poem, it can be experienced at many levels dependant on how deeply you delve into it.  If you merely wander through it casually, it can be a pleasant occurrence, but a deeper experience is obtained when the poem touches your spirit and becomes a part of you.

To fully experience the poetry in nature we need to stop and take in the totality of our surroundings.  We can often experience more with our eyes closed.  This allows us to use all our senses to pull in the parts of nature that we often overlook.  With our vision impaired we can hear, smell and feel the spirit of nature.  We can experience our surroundings to a more complete level.  It becomes a part of us.

With your next encounter with nature, seek out the poetry of your surroundings.  Listen to the birds. Touch the wind.  Smell the bouquet of your surroundings.  Let nature create the experience instead of you seeking it out.