The Nature Wanderer

Itchin’ for Spring

I’m pretty certain that this is not the longest winter we have ever experienced in Western New York, but for some reason it seems like it is. Maybe it’s the age thing again. As I get older I like the summers better. Maybe it was a more extreme winter weather wise. Whatever the case, I am ready for spring to pop up around here.

It may have been the hike in the woods last week when the weather was summer like and I saw the leeks poking through the leaf litter along with a few other spring ephemerals that pushed my spring fever to the boiling point.

Last week was spent cleaning the gardens out, raking the stones from the edge of the driveway, putting the snow shovels away, taking down the snowfence, and removing the plow from the truck.

And here we are with a a Saturday of blizard like weather just a few days past and another snowstorm headed our way. That will teach me to try to figure out WNY weather.

As one friend said to me, this just adds more water to the streams for kayaking. The cup is half full I guess.