The Nature Wanderer


I can still remember when I used to have my kids asking me how to do things on the computer and the internet.  After all, I do have a diploma in computer programming.  Somewhere… somehow… I got lost in a time warp and missed all the new technology out there.  Maybe I fell into the same syndrome MY parents have.  You know the one… “got stuck in the past” syndrome.  I’m slowly catching up with my teenage kids as far as technology goes.  No, I don’t have a facebook account and probably never will, but I do IM’s and have a flicker account.  Now it is time to step it up one more notch.  BLOGS!

I’m still not certain what all this blogging is all about and what I may do with it, but we’ll give it a try.  After all, some of my adult friends are doing it.

So here is my first blog message (or whatever it is called).  Be certain to check back here from time to time as I figure out what the hell I am actually doing.  No… I won’t be asking my kids for advice on this.  After all, I am still under the belief that they still think they know more than me.  I don’t want them to realize that they may be right.